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August 1, 2022
"I Really Should Get Involved"
 How many times have we heard friends talk wistfully about their desire to get involved in political activity, and how many of us feel deep regret because we didn't get involved in 2016? As we head into the intensity of the final three months until November 8 (yes, just 99 days), it's time to make your action plan, if you haven't already done so. Don't leave the work to others. Everyone has something to give in time, talent, and/or money. Read below for some suggestions on ways to get involved in whatever way you can.
In This Issue
With our political landscape awash in lies and misinformation, please see our spine-stiffening article How to Talk to Your Crazy Uncle for practical advice on how you can respond when you hear nonsense from our opponents. Our Upcoming Events column lists in-person and Zoom opportunities to meet our state and local candidates. Also, we keep adding to our list of suggested ways that you can get involved. In Case You Missed It features recent news items about issues as well as Democratic policies and accomplishments. For a short break, read to the bottom to watch an inspiring video produced by Ben Hillman, chair of the Sheffield Dems.
How to Talk to Your Crazy Uncle (or a Misinformed Friend)
 When it comes to talking with Republicans, many of us feel that it's better to walk away than to challenge their misinformation and outright lies. The thinking goes that Republicans (though clearly not all of them) are simply too crazy or brainwashed by Fox News and the right-wing media for us to effectively engage with them. Unfortunately, like viruses that go unchecked, misinformation and lies can spread remarkably easily and become deeply embedded in our body politic. As engaged citizens, it is our responsibility to stop their spread, but it's hard to feel equipped for this role.
Now there's a great new tool that can help: The Democratic 2022 WinBook......

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