The next Zoom meeting of the Salisbury DTC is Tuesday, August July 16, 2022 at 6:00 p.m.

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July 1, 2022
Happy Birthday, America
As we prepare to celebrate our 246th birthday, we are acutely aware that our American experiment in democracy is one of the most remarkable achievements in human history, but also remarkably fragile. We've seen recently how easily opportunists, cynics, demagogues, and others who put their personal interests ahead of our laws, institutions, and values can undercut them. We need to be ever-vigilant stewards of our republic, always staying engaged in its defense and growth. This July 4th, make a plan for how you can play your part, in whatever way you can.
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In This Issue
With the midterm elections drawing ever closer – just four months away – read below to learn about the growing number of local events where you can meet our state and local candidates. Learn about the early voting referendum that will be on the ballot. Also, we have added to our list of suggested ways that you can get involved in Democratic activities and causes right here in Salisbury. Please read to the end for our new feature, In Case You Missed It, with news items highlighting Democratic accomplishments at a time when many people feel that government is not working for them.


The Salisbury Democratic Town Committee is committed to promoting good government and Democratic principles at every level of our civic life. The SDTC recruits candidates for local elective and appointed offices, and supports the most qualified Democrats to run in municipal, state, and national elections.